My Harem Academia
Chapter 7 The Golden Finger Arrives

Realizing the futility of their situation, the three remaining villains exchanged nervous glances. Their bravado crumbled under the weight of Lucas' dominance and the grim reality of their predicament. With a resigned sigh, they reluctantly nodded in surrender, their hands trembling as they raised them in defeat.

The blaring of sirens filled the air as both police officers and members of the Nova Corps, representing the Esper Association, swarmed the scene. The authorities began conducting interviews while ensuring Sora's safety. She clung tightly to Lucas, her tear-stained face showing her distress. She feared that these unfamiliar faces might separate her from yet another person she knows.

Amidst her sobs, Sora kept repeating the same question, her eyes filled with desperation as she looked up at Lucas. "Where's Oni-chan? Why was he in that flying thing without me?"

"Don't worry. My little brother went to find your big brother. They'll be back before you know it," Lucas comforted the distressed child.

Silvers who arrived at the scene vouched for the young girl and handed over the video recording saved in Gideon's storage for the investigators' review.

"Sir, we have Gabriel's live location," Gideon reported mechanically, projecting an image. In the image, Gabriel was suspended from a pole on top of a building, clutching Aoyama in one hand while holding onto the pole with the other.

He was clinging on with all his might, both for his own safety and Aoyama's, exerting every ounce of strength to prevent a fall.

-a few moments ago

Aoyama was forcibly hurled from the hovercraft as the villains were done with him, the wind howled around him, and the ground rushed up with terrifying speed. But in that heart-stopping moment, a streak of lightning defied gravity itself.

Gabriel's Godspeed was a spectacle to behold. He shot up the side of the building like a living bolt of energy, closing the gap between himself and his falling boy in an instant. Their hands met in mid-air, fingers intertwining, and for a brief second, time seemed to freeze.

But just as quickly as it had begun, the surge of Godspeed wavered. Gabriel's body slowed, his velocity diminishing, and they began their descent once more. Panic welled in Gabriel's eyes as he realized the situation he was in.

The lightning that was once an ally now seemed to rebel against his control, sparking erratically and lashing out with a dangerous intensity. Even after 3 months of intense ability training, Gabriel hadn't gained true immunity to the StormSurge.

With swift thinking, Gabriel's fingers reached out and gripped onto a nearby pole protruding from the building. The force of their fall yanked at both of them, but Gabriel's grip held firm, his muscles straining against the weight.

Aoyama's body swung at the end of their makeshift lifeline, his breath ragged and his heart pounding. Gabriel's expression was a mix of relief and determination as he clung to the pole, using every ounce of his strength to keep them from falling further.


"The patient, Gabriel Davis, has sustained significant nerve damage and burn injuries. With appropriate recovery measures, he can be properly treated. However, we strongly recommend that he refrain from using his ability at such high intensity in the future to prevent further harm," the doctor advised Silvers, expressing his concern for the well-being of espers.

Even within the realm of Evergarden, Gabriel continued to employ his ability to rescue the innocent from countless disasters, albeit at the expense of his own well-being. As the novel concluded, he emerged as a paralyzed esper, rendered immobile and unable to control even the most basic movements of his body.

As Lucas heard about his brother's condition, a wave of mixed emotions crashed over him. On one hand, he felt a surge of pride for Gabriel's selflessness and bravery in using his ability to protect others. But that pride was quickly overshadowed by a heavy sense of worry and sorrow.

"I've got to figure something out. Gabe won't budge, he'd sacrifice himself to save anyone," Lucas muttered, his mind racing through a whirlwind of possibilities to avert his brother's grim fate.

As the day transitioned into night, Lucas found himself drifting into slumber on the unoccupied bed in Gabriel's and Aoyama's treatment room. Little Sora, worn out from the day's events, snuggled up in his arms, his soft breathing creating a soothing lullaby.

In the depths of his slumber, Lucas began to murmur, his brow furrowing as beads of sweat formed on his skin. "It's warm... something's changing. Something unfamiliar."

Within the intricate realm of Lucas's ability index, where each Esper's unique power resided, something extraordinary was unfolding.

Within his ability index, a black hole spun with seamless grace. A black hole, a cosmic emblem of unfathomable gravity, presents itself as a circular void, akin to an infinite portal in the fabric of space. Its gravitational power bending the fabric of reality, drawing all matter and light into its abyssal heart.

Resembling its cosmic counterpart, an accretion disk of swirling grey motes of light and intermingled dark spheres encircled the void, like an ethereal banquet feeding the insatiable hunger of the abyss.

A variety of foreign matters had congregated, shaping themselves into distinct physical forms upon the accretion disk. Among them, five entities stood out: a spear ablaze with crimson flames, a green fire burning with intensity, a resplendent golden shield, a mass of muscle expanding and contracting, and a delicate white lily, each representing a unique aspect within the swirling dance of creation.

Within Lucas's ability index, a tumultuous uproar commenced as these alien entities vented their animosity in a chaotic maelstrom. The faces of the five vanquished villains intertwined with each form, fuming with ire as they tore through the surrounding expanse.

Yet, the silent grey motes of light encircling the core perceived this seething enmity, responding with a rapid, luminal vibration. Beams of vibrating photons erupted from these motes, crashing into the hostile forms and shattering them into fragmented pieces. From the wreckage, shadowy orbs with intricate facets manifested, orbiting the disk before succumbing to the voracious pull of the central void.

In a matter of moments, the void relinquished the five entities back onto the disk's surface. Though the forms bore resemblance to their earlier incarnations, their once-rebellious natures had been quelled. Instead, they knelt like subservient subjects before an indomitable sovereign, pledging their unwavering allegiance to the one true lord.

As this wild dream danced across Lucas's features, Sora, the little guardian angel, woke up with a start and saw him all sweaty and tangled up. With the determined spirit of a hero, she hopped down from the bed and scurried to fetch a cloth.

"Sleepy-Sleepy, Lucas Oni-Chan," she whispered in her soft, sing-song voice, dipping the cloth in water. She approached him with all the seriousness a little girl could muster, her face scrunched up in concentration.

Gently patting his forehead, she mumbled to herself, "There, there, all better now." Her actions were a sweet mix of tenderness and enthusiasm, like a tiny nurse tending to her patient.

Then, grabbing the fluffy towel, Sora hopped up and down, reaching up like she was trying to catch a star. She lightly patted his forehead, whispering to herself, "Time to banish those icky dreams."

Climbing back onto the bed, she wriggled under the blanket beside Lucas, her small body snuggled close. "I'm here, big bro. You're safe now," she whispered, her voice a gentle lullaby as she patted his arm in a reassuring rhythm.

In the blink of an eye, the next morning was upon them. Lucas slowly stirred from his dream-laden slumber, his eyes fluttering open to the dim light filtering through the curtains. His mind felt like it was untangling from a maze of thoughts, memories, and strange visions. As he blinked, trying to adjust to reality, he realized he was lying in a bed, the softness of the mattress and the warmth of the blankets comforting.

His gaze shifted to the side, and there, beside him, was Sora, curled up like a tiny guardian angel. Her peaceful expression and rhythmic breathing were a stark contrast to the chaos that had filled his mind just hours ago. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he watched her sleep.

The events of the previous day flooded back into his consciousness – the hovercraft, the villains, the danger Sora had been in. He gently brushed a strand of hair away from her face, his heart a mix of gratitude and concern.

With a sigh, he eased himself into a sitting position, stretching his arms and feeling the stiffness in his muscles. His mind was still processing the strange nightmare he had last night.

He approached the basin, splashing his face with the cool water. As he glanced at the mirror, his gaze landed on his slumbering brother, Gabriel, in the hospital bed.

"Heal Him."

The urgent notion to heal him raced through his mind, and in an instant, a vibrant green flame materialized within his palms.

In a bewildering twist, his hands held both water and flickering emerald flames simultaneously. The flames glowed with a comforting warmth, offering a soothing sensation that seemed to dissipate any pain.


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My Harem Academia Chapter 7 The Golden Finger Arrives