My Harem Academia
Chapter 4 4. Training

"Oni-chan, I don't want to go. Sniff, sniff, sniff," Sora Genki, the sister, whimpered, clinging tightly to her brother. "Please, don't leave me. I promise I'll be good."

Aoyama and Sora Genki found themselves in an unfortunate situation, forced into adoption following their parents' untimely death in a recent accident.

"Don't worry. Tonight, let's head to the cabin. No one can tear us apart there," Aoyama assured, sharing his sister's fear of being adopted into different families and separated.

Under the cover of darkness, Akira and Sora slipped away from the foster system that threatened to tear them apart. They made their way through the roads, trains, and woods, guided by the faint moonlight filtering through the trees, until they reached a secluded spot.

Hidden deep within the heart of the forest stood their family's abandoned cabin. Its wooden walls bore the scars of time and neglect, yet it still held the memories of happier days. The siblings stepped inside, a mixture of anticipation and nostalgia filling their hearts.

With a candle flickering on the dusty table, Akira and Sora huddled close, wrapping themselves in the warmth of shared memories. The air was thick with a mixture of emotions – relief, fear, and a stubborn determination to keep their bond intact.

In the heart of the dense forest, a lone figure sat atop a sturdy tree, carefully concealed by the foliage. Adorning a pair of night vision goggles, he kept a watchful eye on the abandoned cabin below. It had been three months since he'd been stationed here, a mysterious assignment handed down by the enigmatic organization known as the Spectre.

"I swear, if this keeps up, I'll either be bored to death or end up with a flattened butt from all this sitting," grumbled Eren as he continued to monitor the cabin.

Detecting a subtle glow emanating from within the cabin, Eren brought the goggles closer to his eyes, peering intently. Within the cabin, shadowy figures were in motion.

Swiftly, Eren retrieved his communicator and punched in his boss's number, urgently reporting the situation.

Tring-Tring Tring-Tring Tring-Tring

"Why the hell are you bothering me at this ungodly hour, Eren? If this isn't life or death, you're in for a world of pain," Skinner snapped irritably into the phone.

"Boss, we've got activity inside the cabin. A whole lot of movement," Eren reported urgently.

Skinner sprang out of bed, instantly adopting a grave expression. "I'm dispatching a team. Keep an eye on them, but do not engage. Repeat, do not engage. Let the strike team handle this."


"Now that you've both honed your bodies, it's time to shift our focus to your ability index," Silvers announced, guiding Gabriel and Lucas to the center of the training area.

In front of Lucas, a collection of spheres of different weights and materials was set up. As for Gabriel, there was a solitary light bulb placed before him, and behind him were arrays of metal wires aimed at his body.

"Gabriel, it's been just a few months since you gained the StormSurge ability. Normally, children awaken their abilities around the age of four, giving them around twelve years to gradually adapt and minimize the side effects of their powers." Silvers presented the unvarnished truth to Gabriel, driving home the reality of his situation.

"Unfortunately, you don't have that luxury. Your exam is only three months away, and we need a shortcut to get you up to speed. It's going to be intense, and perhaps even painful, but it's necessary for you to familiarize yourself with your power quickly."

"Robin, activate the generator," instructed Silvers, signaling his sidekick to take action.

In the center stood a daunting machine, emitting an ominous hum. This machine was designed to generate controlled electric arcs, but today, it seemed more intimidating than ever.

"Alright, Gabriel, listen up," Silvers began, his voice unwavering. "Your task is to harness and control the electricity from these arcs. Your goal is to light up the bulb without letting it blow out. It's a tough challenge, but one that will let you familiarize yourself with Stormsurge and in the process gain immunity to lightning."

As Silvers explained, the machine came to life, sending crackling arcs of electricity toward Gabriel. He stood his ground, feeling a shiver of anxiety race down his spine. He took a deep breath, steeling himself for what was to come.

The first arc of electricity surged towards him. Gabriel raised his hands, attempting to channel the energy. But before he could react, the shock hit him with an intensity he hadn't anticipated. His body jerked, a jolt of electric pain coursing through him. He gritted his teeth, determined to press on.

But each subsequent attempt was met with similar results. Gabriel's control over the electricity wavered, and he found himself getting shocked over and over again. The pain was excruciating, the shocks leaving his muscles twitching and his body seizing up involuntarily. He fought to remain standing, but it was a losing battle.

As another arc of electricity hit him, Gabriel's body convulsed. He let out a strangled cry, his fingers twitching as he tried to regain control. But the shocks were relentless, each one pushing him closer to his breaking point. His vision blurred, and his muscles gave way. With a final, agonized jolt, he collapsed to the ground.

Lying on the cold floor, Gabriel's breath came in ragged gasps. His body felt like it had been through a storm, battered and broken. Silvers rushed to his side, concern etched on his face. He knelt down, placing a hand on Gabriel's shoulder.

"Gabriel, are you okay?" Silvers asked, his voice full of genuine worry.

Gabriel struggled to respond, his words coming out in labored breaths. "I... I didn't... expect... it to be... this... intense."

Silvers nodded understandingly. "Mastering your ability isn't easy, and sometimes, failure is part of the process. But remember, even the strongest storms can be controlled with practice and determination."

"Take some time to rest and recover, Gabriel. I want you to give it another shot within a week," Silvers instructed, his tone firm but encouraging.

With that, Silvers shifted his focus to Lucas, Lucas's hatred and cruelty could be felt as his stare was fixated on Silvers with palpable intensity.

-You dare harm my brother. I'll settle things with you once I become the strongest- Lucas made a vow.

"Why's your face all red, like an angry tomato?" Silvers inquired.

Lucas quickly fabricated an excuse, "Oh, it's just some allergy, I think."

Concerned, Silvers questioned further, "Should I call a nurse?"

Brushing off the concern, Lucas redirected the conversation, "Nah, it's nothing serious. Shall we get started?"

"Well, your situation isn't exactly breaking news. Plenty of kids out there hold onto their powers like precious secrets, or they're just plain scared to tap into their own abilities. When they finally do give it a whirl, it's like trying to tame a wild beast they've never met before. The same goes for you." stated Silvers, laying it out plainly.

"Your ability has already seasoned your body for a good 14 years, making it a prime vessel to accommodate the Gravitational Manipulation Index you possess."

"So let's squeeze out every drop of potential we can in these three months. Now, show me what you've got," Silvers remarked, motioning towards the array of metal spheres.

Lucas stood before the assortment of metal balls, his brow furrowed in concentration. He closed his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath to center himself. As he exhaled, he reached out mentally, tapping into the raw power of his gravitational manipulation ability.

His thoughts coalesced into a focused intent, and with a subtle movement of his hand, he directed his power towards one of the metal spheres. The air around the ball seemed to shimmer as an unseen force enveloped it. Slowly, the sphere lifted from its resting place, defying gravity's pull.

Lucas' power surged within him, and he concentrated harder, trying to fine-tune the control. He pictured the sphere moving, floating to a specific spot in the training area. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he strained against the energy coursing through him.

As the metal ball hovered in the air, Lucas adjusted the gravitational forces around it. He could sense the g-forces increasing, the pressure building as if the ball was becoming denser. The sphere trembled and wavered, responding to his mental commands.

But then, as he tried to hold it in place, the power slipped from his grasp. The metal sphere shot upward with unexpected force, colliding with the ceiling and creating a resounding clang. Lucas' eyes widened in surprise as he quickly released his hold on the sphere, allowing it to drop to the ground.

Silvers watched the spectacle, his expression a mix of curiosity and concern. "Interesting," he murmured, taking a step closer.

Lucas took a deep breath, trying to steady himself after the surge of power. "I... I lost control there. It's like the power just... surged on its own."

Silvers nodded thoughtfully. "You have the potential, Lucas. Your ability is incredibly powerful, but it's untamed. We need to train you to harness it, to control it at will. Imagine what you could achieve if you could manipulate gravitational forces intentionally."

Lucas nodded, his determination growing stronger. He looked at the metal spheres before him, realizing that he was just scratching the surface of his ability.

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My Harem Academia Chapter 4 4. Training