My Harem Academia
Chapter 2 2. Waking UP

The next morning, before the sun could even stretch its lazy self, Lucas was up and at 'em. He rose from his bed with an almost palpable energy, driven by a routine deeply ingrained from his previous life. It was a ritual of physical discipline that had sculpted his body into a formidable force.

With a determined mindset, he initiated his daily training regimen, moving through each exercise with unwavering focus. He had always treated his body like a temple, a vessel to protect and strengthen.

"Warm-Up, Stretching, Bodyweight Exercises, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Training, Core Work, Cooldown, Meditation" -Repeat

He flicked on the TV, multitasking like a champ as he kept an ear out for the latest buzz while getting his workout on.

"Ugh, this body is such a mess. I mean, sure, it's got a superpower, but why did I never really tap into it? If this whole being pushed around thing went on, I'd probably end up jumping off a cliff or turning into some kind of crazy person," Lucas muttered in frustration, his thoughts disrupted by the sudden news blaring from the TV.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you some heartbreaking news. Today, the world mourns the loss of a true hero. The Esper King, a beacon of hope and strength, has passed away."

As the camera panned across a sea of mourning faces gathered at a memorial site, the anchor continued, "King, the mighty who rose to become the No. 1 Esper in the entire planet, inspired countless lives with his bravery, kindness, and unwavering determination."

Images of 'King' flashed on the screen, capturing his charismatic smile, his eyes full of purpose, and the fiery aura that often surrounded him during battles. The anchor's voice grew heavier, mirroring the collective grief felt by millions. "His heroic acts saved cities, protected the innocent, and brought light to the darkest corners. His legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of those he touched."

As the news report concluded, a montage of King's most memorable moments played, set to a melancholic melody. The screen faded to black, leaving behind a profound silence. The world had lost its protector, its symbol of strength. And at that moment, a wave of sadness washed over those who had looked up to the Esper King, realizing that even heroes were mortal.

"Luke, he's gone. King's gone. He passed on his ability to me," Gabriel mumbled, jolting awake as the news reached his ears, tears welling up once more.

Lucas halted his training abruptly, his heart sinking as Gabriel's words reached him.

Crossing the room, Lucas approached Gabriel's bedside and placed a comforting hand on his younger brother's shoulder. "Hey, it's okay, I know this is tough, but you've got his power now. You'll make sure his legacy lives on."

Gabriel sniffled, wiping away his tears. "But Luke, I never wanted it like this. I never wanted him to die for me to have his ability." (╥﹏╥)

Lucas let out a sigh and gave his brother a reassuring squeeze. "I know, Gabe. Life doesn't always give us what we want, but it's up to us to make the most of what we have. King believed in you, and he saw something special in you. Now it's your turn to show the world what you're made of."

"We should probably contact the police, let them know about what happened to him and me," Gabriel suggested as he rose from the bed.

"I've already reached out to the relevant authorities. They're scheduled to arrive today for a conversation with you. You might want to freshen up and grab a bite," Lucas responded, offering Gabriel a towel.

<I did let someone know, but not the police. There's a traitor within the Esper Association. The cops will tie Gabriel's fingerprints to the crime scene during their probe, potentially leading to his arrest in the novel.>

<However, Silvers will step in to secure his release after learning about his brother's power transfer. This traitor will later link the incident to Gabriel using the database's information, painting a bullseye on his back for all the shady characters wanting to snag his abilities.>

<I hope Silvers can arrive as soon as possible>

Lucas proceeded to the bathroom to clean himself up. As he gazed into the mirror, he confronted a new visage – distant eyes, an unfamiliar physique, and a mind filled with foreign thoughts.

Lucas Davis had a straightforward, unremarkable appearance. His eyes were a warm shade of hazel, devoid of any particularly striking features. His hair, a simple black hue, fell in a typical short style that required minimal maintenance.

A faint sprinkle of freckles adorned his cheeks, adding a touch of boyish charm to his features. Physically, Lucas was of average build with an unassuming stature. His frame was neither bulky nor slender, reflecting a balanced lifestyle without extreme focus on fitness.

His overall appearance gave off an air of approachability.

<You're Lucas Davis now. Ethan Stone is gone. You're just a kid with power, not some dark matter professor.>

Lucas stared at his reflection, talking to himself as if to reaffirm his identity. He delivered a resounding slap to his own face, hoping to snap himself back to the present moment.

As the siblings emerged from their individual rooms, a man dressed in a sleek black suit stood in the dining hall. Their parents' eyes were reddened a telltale sign of recent weeping. As soon as they laid eyes on Gabriel, they rushed forward and enveloped him in tight embraces.

While Mia and William engaged in conversation with their son, Silvers made his way over to Lucas. "You're the kid who got in touch with my sidekick, correct?"



"Getting the No. 10 Esper's caller ID might pose a challenge, but his sidekick's? That's a breeze. After all, she's quite the charmer," Lucas retorted with a playful grin.

"Oww," Lucas grumbled in pain as his mother playfully tapped him on the head. "Why? I did the right thing," he complained.

"You should have told us first. Even if we came home late, you should have waited and discussed it with us," his mother scolded.

"And you probably would've dialed up the police. They'd have snatched Gab right away, without any proof," Lucas shot back, his tone tinged with anger.

"Nevertheless, you're still our child. It's our responsibility to keep you safe," Mia Davis retorted.

"I am not a child anymore. I am going to be 18 in a few months."

Cutting through the family banter, Silvers interjected, "Lucas has a point, Mrs. Davis. Matters could have taken a grim twist if the police got involved. Given that your son apprised us of the situation, we've assumed responsibility for the investigation. The Nova Corps will handle the necessary steps."

"Gabriel, I'm going to accompany you to the Corps for your statement. You don't need to worry. As my brother's successor, I'll always be there to shield you," Silvers reassured.

"Your family will be relocated to the capital for witness protection. The Esper Association will take care of providing jobs, housing, and other necessities," Silvers explained. He then gestured for the family to take their seats in the hover car.

Gabriel recounted his version of the murder of the No. 1 Esper King. "I saw an Esper in Red-Synth stabbing King in his heart."

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Thought for today: "Identity is the foundation upon which you build your dreams."

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My Harem Academia Chapter 2 2. Waking UP