My Harem Academia
Chapter 1 Brother To The Hero

In the realm of Super Heroes, a staggering 80% of the global population wielded supernatural powers, rendering the extraordinary entirely ordinary. A century had passed, and the term "supernatural" had evolved into "normal" in a society now brimming with Espers.

Initially set in the world of the Evergarden, this reality underwent a seismic shift after the climactic clash between Icarus and the Human Giant. An alien vessel descended upon the Earth's surface, marking a moment that would reverberate throughout the course of history.

"We have observed your civilization thoroughly and deemed it worthy of Tier-1 classification," the alien emissary proclaimed. "Its potential for development is substantial. Your society must evolve and comprehend. Among the countless civilizations we've encountered, merely 12% possess the capability to harness the power of dark matter."

The term "Superpower" became a new moniker, now known as the "Ability Index." What humans termed "heroes" were recognized as "Espers" by the visiting extraterrestrial beings. The proclamation of unity echoed: "Starting this instant, you are to become integral members of the Federation."

The interaction between humanity and these mysterious aliens marked a monumental turning point in the history of the light novel Evergarden. The heart of the stories remained intact, but the stage itself expanded beyond measure. Well-known characters took their places under the spotlight, their powers reaching unprecedented levels. The core storyline persisted, while the realm of possibilities expanded without bounds.

In this alternate universe, a unique irregularity came to light—a surprising oddity in the grand scheme of things. Gabriel found himself with a twin brother, a surprise gift from Mia and William Davis's union. Gabriel destined to rise as the paramount Esper in the entire galaxy is my brother.

This irregularity I call is none other than me, Lucas Davis, an esper who inherited his mother’s unnamed attraction quirk. But my ability is more potent, it gave me the power to control and manipulate the force of gravity.


My eyelids fluttered open like delicate wings, and I found myself swimming up from the depths of a dreamless sea. Everything was a blur at first, like trying to catch smoke with my fingertips.

A yawn escaped my lips, a silent proclamation that I was returning from some distant place. It was as if I had been traveling through the stars and had finally crash-landed back into my body.

"I'm Lucas Davis, Gabriel's older brother." The memories of his childhood rushed back to Lucas's mind like a torrent unleashed from a dam.

"Damn it, I've been nothing but a punching bag, a damn doormat for Oliver and his goons. And Gabriel, my own flesh and blood, he's been eating their punches instead. Taking the hits that should've been mine. God, how did I become such a coward?"

Lucas's voice cracked as tears streamed down his face, a mixture of regret and frustration.

"But no more. I won't let those bastards touch you again, little brother. I'll be the one standing between you and them from now on." Lucas's fists tightened, his determination igniting like a fierce flame in his eyes.

Lucas shifted his gaze, fixating on the date. "This is the day when the no. 1 Esper on earth titled ‘King’ asks Gabriel to take up the mantle, to be his successor in his last breath."

Lucas's anticipation grew as he awaited his brother's return home. This evening, Gabriel would be filled with anguish and sorrow, having witnessed his beloved hero's demise firsthand. From a young age, Gabriel had revered King, aspiring to emulate the mightiest esper who safeguarded the citizens from villains.

Once, Gabriel stepped into the house, his clothes were stained with blood. Lucas swiftly guided him to the washroom, tending to him as Gabriel's tears flowed freely, an uncontainable expression of grief.

“It’s okay, Gab. I am here.” consoled Lucas as he fed his brother.

<I should put him to sleep before Mom comes home. Otherwise, she will raise too many questions.>

He embraced his brother, holding him close for a few minutes until Gabriel's exhaustion overtook him. With care, Lucas lifted Gabriel's sleeping form and gently placed him on the bed. Tenderly, like the protective older brother he was, he pulled a blanket over Gabriel to ensure his comfort throughout the night.

"Tomorrow marks the dawn of a fresh chapter, the inception of your ascent to the throne as the King of Espers. I shall be your shield, your dagger, and your shadow, ensuring that no darkness taints the purity of your spirit." With a determined look, Lucas laid out his heartfelt pledge.

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My Harem Academia Chapter 1 Brother To The Hero