Chapter 40: Take Part in the Assessment!

After arriving at the imperial capital, Caruso didn’t immediately head to the Imperial Magic Academy. Instead, he wandered around like a curious baby.

The bustling imperial capital wasn’t something Holy Orchid City could compare to.

There were all kinds of shops, all kinds of fields, and all kinds of commercial streets everywhere.

There was a huge auction venue and the entrance was crowded with people waiting to see the next auctioned item.

There were lively restaurants and beautiful girls dressed like waitresses were enthusiastically attracting customers at the entrance.

There was also a quiet Mage Guild, which was extremely mysterious. Occasionally, a few mages dressed in luxurious mage robes would walk out.

There was also a place that was similar to a bar. Inside and outside, there were burly knights dressed in armor, all looking at the bounties hanging at the entrance.

There were merchants selling all kinds of strange items on the streets.

Along the way, they would occasionally see carriages filled with cages. In the cages, there were slaves and magical beast cubs. There was a goateed slave trader from a foreign land shouting loudly.

After strolling for a full hour, Caruso seemed to have opened up a new world. He was shocked by the bustling scene in front of him.

After being shocked, he quickly found out the location of the Imperial Academy.

After finding out the location, he quickly rushed over.

Because this period of time happened to be the recruitment day for all the magic academies in the Yass Empire.

In another week, the recruitment day would end. If he missed it, he would have to wait another year.

The Imperial City was several times bigger than Holy Orchid City.

After running for two hours, Caruso finally arrived at the Imperial Academy, panting heavily.

After arriving at the Imperial Academy, Caruso was shocked by the scenery at the entrance of the academy.

Not far away, a huge castle stood in the middle.

In front of him was a large area of grassy land. There was a bench for pedestrians to rest on the side of the road.

The castle walls were built of red bricks. The triangular roof had a chimney tube. It was like a city within a city. It gave people the feeling that they had entered a fairytale world.

Especially the buildings at the Academy’s entrance. It was not an exaggeration to describe them as glittering.

Similarly, after admiring the academy, Caruso quickly approached the academy’s entrance.

When he arrived at the gate of the academy, there were already many youths around his age gathered at the gate.

When everyone entered, it was as if they had gone through a security check. One by one, they were screened in.





“This is your assessment token. Next!”

In less than ten minutes, a young man dressed in a magic robe asked a few questions without even raising his head.

After asking, he gently waved the magic staff in his hand and, soon, a crystal bottle was made.

There were a few words carved on the crystal plate.

Ping: Number 1541.

Holding the crystal plate, Caruso was a little confused.

“Hello, Sir, I am…”

“Next in line!”

Looking at the crystal plate, Caruso was about to tell the other party that he was a student recommended by Principal Sella and wanted to find a teacher of the academy, but the other party coldly said three words and didn’t say anything else.

Seeing the other party’s attitude, Caruso’s gaze turned cold. He then walked into the magic academy.

The Imperial Magic Academy’s assessment location was much grander than the Holy Orchid City Academy’s assessment location.

Among the thousands of buildings, there was a palace with the assessment area hanging on it. There were many students waiting to enter at the entrance.

Seeing this, Caruso also followed the people who were there and entered.

After entering, the large palace was divided into several assessment sites.

Each assessment site was managed by three instructors wearing mage robes.

However, even so, there were still too many people in the palace. After all, there were only three assessment sites for over a thousand examinees. The efficiency was really slow.

“Why are you squeezing?”

“Wow, can you guys not squeeze?”

“If you guys don’t squeeze, it’ll be too late. There are still two to three hours before today’s assessment time ends.”

“Yeah, I’ve waited in line for a full three hours. If it’s not my turn, I’ll have to waste another day.”

Very soon, the students in line began to curse and ridicule.

When Caruso saw this situation, he shook his head helplessly and followed the crowd to line up.

“Age 28, 6-star grand mage, intermediate water magic talent, intermediate perceptive sense. Unqualified!”

“Age 31, 10-star grand mage, intermediate wood magic talent, intermediate perceptive sense. Unqualified!”

“Age 22, 7-star mage, advanced wind magic talent, intermediate perceptive sense. Qualified!”

“Age 18, 1-star mage, advanced fire magic talent, advanced perceptive sense. Qualified!”

Not long after, a teacher at a test site reported the results of each candidate.

After reporting the results, some people were happy, some were depressed, and some were in pain.

Of course, most people were still depressed and silent.

Compared to the other academies, the recruitment conditions of the Imperial Magic Academy were simply abnormal.

First of all, if a mage under the age of 30 reached the level of a ten-star grand mage, then they would be considered to have passed.

This point directly passed countless people on the field.

After all, a mage who reached the level of a grand mage at the age of 30 was definitely a genius among geniuses.

Secondly, if a mage under the age of 30 could reach the level of dual advanced magic talent and perception, then they would also be able to pass the level.

If they were over the age of 30, then even if they had advanced magic talent and advanced perception, it would be useless.

So, under this condition, it’s almost one out of hundreds of people that passed.

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