Chapter 4: Server Announcement; System Reward!

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The sun slowly set. The moon rose and Caruso woke up.

The moment he woke up, his whole body seemed to have collapsed, and he swayed on the spot weakly.

“Child, you finally woke up?”

The moment Caruso woke up, the village chief immediately used his old hand to tightly hold his hand, preventing him from falling down.

“Village Chief? This… why is it getting dark?”

After seeing the village chief’s excited expression, Caruso glanced around. He found that the surrounding buildings had long been emptied, and the sky had turned from day to night.

Hearing Caruso’s words, the village chief glanced at Caruso and thought, You still want to ask me? Who am I going to ask then?

Of course, he did not say this out loud but his tone was even gentler as he said, “Child, what color elemental particles did you sense? How many did you sense?”

Originally, Caruso was very puzzled as to why the sky suddenly turned dark and the children around him had disappeared.

But when the village chief asked him such a passionate question for no reason, Caruso immediately became vigilant.

If there was a strong protection for talent, then there was no need to worry too much.

But if there was no strong protection, talent would very likely bring him unnecessary trouble.

Caruso was not paranoid but he was not familiar with this place. No matter what he did, it was better to be cautious.

Therefore, he hesitated for a while and then pretended to be ignorant, “I sensed the red elemental particles. I probably sensed five-to-six-hundred of them!”

After saying this, Caruso thought that he would not be exposed.

In fact, in the whole seven-to-eight hours, he had sensed more than 10,000 elemental particles.

He had sensed more than 1,000 of each particle. Now, he deliberately said that he had only sensed one type of particle and divided it by half.

He did not understand the rarity of mages in this world, so he thought that everyone could sense elemental particles.

Therefore, this kind of explanation was considered normal.

However, his normal explanation was like a huge thunderclap to the ears.

“What! Four… four… five… four-to-five-hundred? Fire element?”

Almost subconsciously, the village chief shouted in shock.

“Uh… maybe only three hundred or so. Is it… very bad?”

Caruso did not know what the village chief was excited about but, in order to hide his power, he deliberately pretended to know nothing and asked.


F*ck, if you call that bad, then I’m f*cking called trash. Oh no, I’m even worse than trash!

Hearing Caruso’s words, the village chief almost jumped up and cursed.

When he first meditated back then, he only meditated for fifteen minutes and awakened nine fire elemental particles.

Now, the other party directly meditated for eight hours and awakened more than four hundred elemental particles. This was simply a crazy blow!

Seeing the village chief’s reaction, Caruso naturally noticed a little, but he still continued to perform, because this was the only way to make others not look at him so much… so he quickly pretended to be flustered and said, “Village Chief, am I not qualified to become a mage? I… Am I…”

“I really want to slap your face with a shoehorn!” Seeing Caruso’s expression, Cass was so angry that he was about to die. If the person in front of him was not a super genius, he would definitely make a move. It was too infuriating!

“Ding-dong! Player successfully meditated!”

“Ding-dong! Player obtained an SSS score for the first meditation. Initial mana value increased by 1000 points.”

“Ding-dong! As the player is the first player in the entire server to become a meditator, this reward will permanently increase mana value by 5000 points!”

[Server Announcement: Ding-dong. Congratulations to Player Caruso for becoming an SSS player for the first time in meditation. The reward will permanently increase mana value by 5000 points.]

A few seconds later, under the rage of Cass, the system’s voice sounded in Caruso’s mind.

Upon hearing this news, Caruso was shocked, followed by stunned, and—finally—confusion.

The shock was because his meditation had actually reached the SSS level.

Confusion was because the full-service reward he received was a permanent initial increase of 5000 mana points.

He was stunned because he was the only one on the entire server. Why the notification?

After being stunned, Caruso looked at his attributes and saw that his mana had increased from 100 points to 6100 points.

He was naturally happy with this change.

Mana was similar to a blue bar.

If one wanted to use real-life magic, one needed mana.

If one did not consolidate their mana points, even if they learned high-level magic, it would be useless.

Moreover, the more mana points one had, the more powerful it would be when facing an enemy.

If the opponent’s realm was higher than his, but the opponent could only cast level one magic three times, and he could cast level one magic ten times? Could cast level one magic twenty times? Would the opponent only be able to run around with his head in his hands?

This reward greatly increased Caruso’s safety.

“From now on, I’ll teach you magic!”

Just as Caruso was feeling smug, Cass suddenly stopped being shocked and spoke with a calm face.

Hearing this, Caruso immediately looked at him seriously.

What a joke. His purpose for coming here was to learn magic, so he naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

The process of casting magic was extremely complicated.

First, he had to use the particles he sensed to form a certain array in his body. Then, he had to use a spell to summon it.

Although he was a super-genius, he still needed to learn this method for a period of time.

At the very least, he needed to learn it for a few hours.

Of course, this was the concept of being stuck.

Hence, he had been slowly explaining, word by word, afraid that Caruso wouldn’t understand.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

His mistake was that Caruso was a player.

After he finished explaining the method to cast the spell, he began to demonstrate.

He was stuck in an empty space and then he looked at the sky solemnly.

Then, he slowly calmed down and said softly.

“Great Fire God, please give your devout believers the power!”

“Level one fire magic, Fireball Spell!”

When he finished speaking, a fireball the size of a basketball suddenly appeared in the middle of Cass’s hands.

The fireball was boiling with heat and its power was extraordinary.

After casting the fireball spell, Cass immediately stretched out his right hand and pointed in a direction.

In the next second, the fireball seemed to have grown legs and rushed toward the wall not far away.


With a loud bang, the fireball hit the wall. In the blink of an eye, the wall cracked and some gravel flew in all directions. A small pit appeared on the wall, accompanied by a charred color.

And this was only the elementary spell, Fireball.

After witnessing all of this, Caruso was completely stunned.

Although he had been prepared for this, it was the first time for him, who had been exposed to atheism for a long time, to see such a magical thing. His emotions would more or less be affected.

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