Chapter 39: The Colorful World!

The Imperial Academy usually had to meet certain conditions to recruit students.

There were a total of three conditions. As long as one met one of them, one could enter the Imperial Academy.

The first condition was that one’s strength was above the level of a ten-star grand mage, and one’s age was not more than 30 years old.

And this condition was also the easiest one.

The second condition was that one’s talent was extraordinary, regardless of age or realm.

The third condition was that one was a marquis, a direct descendant of a marquis or above, or a merchant’s son or daughter who had donated tens of millions of gold coins to the Yass Imperial Academy.

Under these three conditions, each one was simply more exaggerated than the other.

At first, Caruso thought that the first condition was the most terrifying but, after looking at the second and third condition, he no longer thought so

The second condition was still vague and he did not know the exact location.

But the third condition simply told the world how high the entrance requirements of the Imperial Academy were.

According to the Yass Empire’s nobility registration, duke was first, marquis was second, the count was third, viscount was fourth, and baron was the worst.

Generally, only a few founding ministers could inherit the title of duke.

As for the marquis, only those who had made countless contributions to the empire could obtain it.

In the entire Yass Empire, there were absolutely no more than a hundred marquises.

Although they were hereditary, the number had always been this small.

Immediately after, they donated ten million gold coins.

How much of a wealthy consortium could do this?

One gold coin was enough to live another few months, and ten thousand gold coins were enough to buy the best house in Holy Orchid City.

One million gold coins were almost half of Holy Orchid City’s financial income.

As for ten million gold coins, even Holy Orchid City would need a few years to earn it.

Therefore, under this concept of exchange, one could ask how harsh the conditions were.

However, no matter how harsh the conditions were, there were many nobles who donated ten million gold coins over the past hundred years. Their goal was to let their children enter the academy to learn magic.

Regarding this, Caruso didn’t know what else to do other than ridicule.

After asking about this information, the Imperial Academy had already attracted Caruso’s attention.

He really wanted to know what was hidden within such an academy?

Otherwise, why would so many people want to enter?

Moreover, it was also worth it. He couldn’t delay any longer.

One year later, all the humans would enter this world. At that time, his advantage would obviously be insufficient.

He wanted to strive to become the person who dominated this world within this one year. He wanted to stand on the stage of this world with the strongest stance, regardless of whether it was aimed at the future players or the original world.

Three days later.

As the carriage gradually slowed down.

Caruso had already successfully taken the Koth Caravan’s carriage and arrived at the imperial capital.

During these three days, because of Caruso’s command to speed up, Koth crazily chased away the horses that were pulling the goods.

As a result, the journey, which originally only required five days, only took three days to arrive.

While they arrived, they also encountered many magical beasts.

The most powerful one was a low-level tier 3 fire-type magical beast, the two-headed fox.

After a series of crazy operations, Caruso’s extreme speed shocked all those who were prepared to die.

Normally, even a grand mage would need some time to deal with a low-level tier 3 magical beast.

However, in Caruso’s hands, a tier 3 magic beast was like an ordinary small animal.

It was crushed by the crazy magic until it was completely unable to fight back. In the end, it was blasted to death by the magic.

After experiencing this scene, every time he thought about how he wanted to bully Caruso previously, he would break out in a cold sweat.

Therefore, along the way, he was like a slave, taking care of Caruso’s daily life very carefully. He was afraid that if he angered Caruso, he would be blasted to death by his magic.

Even when he went to the toilet, Koth would personally bring a few boards to support him.

This kind of treatment was almost no different from an emperor’s trip in ancient times.

After arriving at the Imperial City, he thanked Koth.

Koth hurriedly took out a money bag filled with an astonishing thirty gold coins from his pocket and handed it to Caruso.

Originally, Caruso didn’t want it but, considering that this was the imperial city, the future expenses would definitely be particularly high. What if he needed money and didn’t have it?

Thus, he nodded his head and accepted the money, and promised to help him once in the future.

After a meaningless verbal promise was made, Koth was as excited as if he had won five million.

“Respected Young Master Caruso, take care!” Soon, as Caruso turned around and left for the bustling Imperial City, Koth also waved his hand and shouted.

After shouting, he looked forward to the time when he would meet Caruso respectfully again.

After all, when they met again, Caruso would definitely have become a powerful mage. When that time came, if he were to casually congratulate Caruso with a little respect, his status would immediately be much higher.

The imperial capital was located in the central area of the Yass Empire.

Four tall and strict city walls protected all the residents in the city.

There were patrolling guards everywhere, carrying heavy steel weapons, wearing armor, and carrying swords.

Those who could become the patrolling guards of the Imperial City could not be compared to the guards of Holy Orchid City.

Those who could become guards here were all at the beginner level. Everyone did not say that they were very strong but, against some ordinary people, one could fight more than ten of them.

Knights were a class below mages.

In this world that worshipped mages, there was not only one class.

But only mages were worshipped.

For example, knights who were guards were considered warriors.

They gathered their combat aura and cast some low-level tier 5 spells to protect their homes.

Of course, there were also powerful knights who guarded one side.

If a low-level mage was actually fighting against a knight, the mage would be at a slight disadvantage.

This was because a knight wearing armor would still have some resistance against some level-1 spells.

Once a knight came in front of a mage, it would be a nightmare for a mage who was good at long-distance battles,

However, this was only the early stage.

Once a grand mage learned teleportation and learned some powerful magic.

Even if it was against an intermediate mage or a high-level mage, they would be able to defeat them in a minute.

In terms of class, mages probably had no opponents in the entire continent.

To use a phrase to describe it, all classes were low-grade, and only mages were high-grade.

Other than knights, there were many other jobs.

For example, rangers were good at setting traps and using bows. Most of them were magical beast hunters.

For example, alchemists who learned how to make strange things. They loved to invent things and often made magic tools with powerful functions.

There was another job that was not inferior to mages, and that was pharmacists.

Pharmacists used medicinal herbs to brew potions with different attributes.

There were potions that could increase attributes, potions that could make a mage go berserk in an instant, and potions that could speed up the user.

There were also dwarves, who seemed to be born as a race for weapons. Who knew how many precious weapons they had made from their hands? Even powerful mages and noble nobles who wanted to obtain a powerful weapon… They had to beg these dwarven masters to forge it.

Along the way, Caruso had already learned countless things about this world from Koth.

In the past, he thought that this world was just a simple magical world.

Other than magic, there were only magical beasts.

After understanding it, he knew that this world was not as simple as he thought.

There were all kinds of professions; all kinds of people and races.

Most importantly, among these professions, pharmacists were rare. Generally, some developed towns only had one primary pharmacist, followed by the dwarves. The dwarves were so rare that they could not be more rare… there were only about a dozen dwarves among the tens of millions of people in the Imperial City.

This was because the dwarves did not like to communicate with other races. If it was not for the need to earn money to buy food, they would only like to hide in the mines and excitedly forge peerless weapons.

There were also many strange races and professions that existed in this nature and would never appear.

For example, the mysterious elf race and the wizard race.

This was a wonderful world. A true Otherworld!

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