Chapter 17: God of Darkness’s Inheritance!

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After all, for the past 30 years, he had experienced everything by himself. He had never seen anyone experience the same thing as him.

That’s right. Every day for the past 30 years, if Bard meditated for more than an hour, he would enter the same state as Caruso.

After entering the same state, Bard would immediately withdraw because he always felt that he was going to die in the next second.

At this moment, Caruso was the same as Bard. He felt that he would be devoured by the endless darkness and die immediately if he were to pass by.

However, Caruso, who did not know anything about dark magic, could persist until the end every time.

Unlike Bard, he did not withdraw at the most critical moment.

Because of this, Caruso could see the last light spot.


“I’ll kill you!”


“Don’t come over!”

“Ahh! Wahhhh!”

After more than ten minutes, Caruso suddenly went crazy.

Sometimes he cried. Sometimes he wailed. Sometimes he shouted. Sometimes he was excited. Sometimes he shrank his body and shivered. His eyes were filled with fear.

“What is the end of Darkness?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t know!”

After he “went crazy,” he suddenly seemed to be possessed. He stood in the distance as if he was answering a question.

When he heard this, Bard suddenly frowned and stared at Caruso very carefully.

What he didn’t know was that…

At the moment when Caruso was about to be swallowed by the darkness, he suddenly saw a light spot.

The dot of light was countless times larger than before. It was like the entrance to a new world, causing him to be stunned. At the same time, a gentle voice came from the entrance of the screen of light.

The voice was a strange question, and the question was what Caruso had been mumbling.

“What is the end of the darkness?”

This question kept questioning Caruso.

He could only feel confused.

As time passed, the dot of light also began to shrink.

The surrounding darkness, after the dot of light receded, surged like a tidal wave.

It was as if it was about to devour Caruso in the next moment.

What Caruso didn’t know was that this huge crisis contained an incomparably huge opportunity.

However, he had to see if he could persevere through it.

If Caruso’s answer didn’t satisfy the God of Darkness, then he wouldn’t be able to obtain the God of Darkness’s inheritance, and he would also be engulfed in endless darkness.

“What’s at the end of the darkness?”

The light dots became smaller and smaller, and a voice came from within again. It was the same question.

This question touched Caruso’s confused state of mind.

When Caruso woke up, he found that the surrounding darkness was no longer the same energy as before, but a deep crisis.

Realizing the danger, Caruso immediately became alert.

He stared at the light that was shrinking.

“What is the end of the darkness?”

“What is the end of the darkness?”

“What is the end of the darkness?”

Caruso kept questioning himself as if he was possessed.

But at this moment, Caruso’s mind was spinning rapidly. He was extremely clear-headed.

Bard, who was outside, heard Caruso’s muttering.

He was also in deep thought.

Although he did not know what was happening in this kid’s mind, it was clear that he had entered a mysterious world.

Especially when he could clearly feel that Caruso seemed to be dying, his life force constantly draining away.

He could not help but conclude that Caruso must have encountered a special situation.

“What is the end of the darkness?”

“What is the end of the darkness?”

“Killing, revenge, or destruction?”

Bard, who was half a step away from the dark saint, had a deeper understanding of the darkness, so he quickly gave these answers.

However, he denied it just as he said it.

If the true essence of darkness was these negative things, then wasn’t darkness inherently evil?

However, if it wasn’t those things, then what would be the end of darkness?

Bard also fell into deep thought, as if he was bewitched. He hit his head, gritted his teeth, and his violent aura soared crazily.

“The end of darkness!”

“The end of darkness!”

“The end of darkness is light!”


“The end of darkness is dawn!”

“And the end of light is also darkness!”

“Just like the good and evil in a person’s heart, everyone has another self in their heart.”

“When one knows that one will not receive any punishment for committing evil, everyone is evil!”

“When there is a bottom line of principles and morality in one’s heart, then that person is good!”

“Good and evil are separated by a single thought, just like light and darkness coexist together. At dawn, darkness still grows wantonly in the corner, and when darkness falls, light also rises slowly in many places!”

“So, the end of darkness is dawn!”

In the sea of consciousness.

Time had passed.

As the specks of light became smaller and smaller, Caruso was about to be swallowed by the darkness.

Suddenly, he seemed to have understood something. He smoothly said his answer and directly said the true meaning of darkness.

When Bard heard Caruso’s answer in the real world, he seemed to have an epiphany in an instant. His expression fell into a daze as he looked at Caruso.

He kept mumbling and repeating Caruso’s answer.

“The end of darkness is dawn?”

After saying that, he seemed to have gone crazy and started to dance.

“The end of darkness is dawn!”

“The end of darkness is dawn!”

“The end of darkness is dawn!”

Bard was acting very crazily as if a child had received a favorite toy. He was extremely excited.

“The end of darkness is dawn?”


“Come, take my inheritance and tell the world what darkness is!”

In Caruso’s spiritual world, he finished his answer.

The light spot that was about to disappear stopped changing.

An ancient and distant voice came from within.

As the voice fell, the light spot suddenly became bigger and swept away all the darkness in the spiritual world.

Caruso did not know who the owner of the voice was but, when he saw the pitch-black world around him become very bright, he immediately nodded and stepped into the light.

“Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for completing the hidden storyline [Dark God’s Test]!”

“Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for obtaining the Dark God’s recognition. Successfully received [Hidden Class – Child of Darkness].”

“Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for obtaining the Dark God’s inheritance. Reward [God-level Physique – Heart of Darkness].”

After walking into the dawn.

The system’s voice sounded.

After pausing for a few seconds, the system started the world announcement again.

[World Announcement: Congratulations to Player Caruso for completing the ancient God of Darkness’s storyline quest and obtaining the Dark God’s recognition. He has become the new generation’s Child of Darkness.]

[World Announcement: Congratulations to Player Caruso for completing the ancient God of Darkness’s storyline quest and obtaining the Dark God’s recognition. He has become the new generation’s Child of Darkness.]

The two system world announcements ended.

Caruso’s vision went black. He woke up and returned to the cave.

He subconsciously looked around and realized that Bard, the old ghost, was actually looking at him with a strange gaze filled with desire.

Thinking of how Bard had stayed in this broken cave for so long and had never touched a woman, Caruso’s expression gradually became strange.

“Kid, what’s with your expression?”

Seeing Caruso’s face full of disdain, Bard couldn’t help but ridicule.

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