Chapter 15: Spirit Bard!

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The spot of light was slightly bigger than the last time, but it disappeared almost in the next second.

He returned to reality.

When he returned to the display, he found that the grass and trees around him had been destroyed by a violent force.

The originally majestic trees were now covered in scratches and destruction.

Seeing this situation, Caruso did not need to think too much. He knew that this was probably what had happened when he had entered meditation and absorbed the dark element particles.

“That light spot…”

Caruso did not care about what had happened in front of him. At this moment, he was like a fool. His entire person was thinking about that light spot.

After thinking for half an hour, his determined gaze looked further into the forest.

If the outermost black room was only gray when Caruso first came to the Dark Forest, then the inside was already dark.

It was like the color of charcoal.

He couldn’t see his palm when he stretched out his hand.

Similarly, when he entered, the black fog outside had all disappeared.

Seeing this situation, Caruso guessed that this so-called black fog should be the form of a large number of elemental particles gathered together.

“Ding-dong! Powerful dark elemental particles detected. Host, please be careful!”

Just as Caruso was deep in thought and moving, a system notification suddenly made him stop moving forward.

From the first discovery of dark elemental particles to the large number just now, and now his caution.

All these changes forced him to be more cautious.

Upon hearing this, Caruso had two choices at this moment.

First, continue to advance, and then meditate.

Second, leave!

And regardless of whether there were any, how could the current Caruso give up this opportunity?

Since he could absorb elemental particles, then he was not afraid of this place.

Thinking of this, Caruso moved forward another hundred meters. After moving a hundred meters, he estimated that this should be the deepest part.

For this, he quickly sat down cross-legged and continued to meditate.

The endless darkness engulfed his entire spiritual world.

It was as if there were a million pairs of eyes staring at him.

It gave him the feeling that he was a plate of delicacies for everyone, while the other party was a starving ghost that had been starving for countless years.

This feeling made him feel more and more terrified compared to before.


A few seconds later, Caruso stood up with goosebumps. His eyes turned white as he roared angrily in the forest.

After roaring angrily, he suddenly stood up.

That’s right!

He stood up directly and walked towards a certain place in the forest.

His entire body was like a senseless corpse.

Similarly, his meditation had long been interrupted by his actions.

Meanwhile, his mind had completely fallen into a deep sleep.

“Where am I?”

After an unknown amount of time, when Caruso woke up slightly, he looked around at the pitch-black surroundings, causing him to be unable to distinguish whether this was the real world or the spiritual world.

“Ha, little brat, what are you doing here all by yourself?”

At this moment, a gentle voice suddenly appeared in the darkness.

The owner of the voice was nowhere to be found, and the voice seemed to be coming from all directions.

“Who are you?” Caruso immediately shouted at the sudden voice, as if he wanted to reduce his fear by shouting.

“Who am I? Heh, brat, you came to my house and asked me who I am?” The old voice immediately sneered after hearing Caruso’s words and then replied.

Perhaps it was because he felt that the other party did not make a move, Caruso’s courage also increased. He immediately opened his mouth to retort, “I came to your house? Your house is so poor? You don’t even have an oil lamp?”

“Ha, you little brat, it’s not that I don’t light the lamp but I’m afraid that if I light the lamp, it will scare you.” The old voice saw the other party’s teasing words and immediately felt that it was interesting. He then slowly opened his mouth to speak.

“Are you afraid that your family is too poor and I’ll laugh at you?” Seeing that the other party was still putting on an act, Caruso’s temper also flared up. He began to fight head-on.

“Oh, then I’ll light the lamp.”

The voice in the darkness replied thoughtfully after Caruso finished speaking.

After answering, suddenly, the sound of a match burning came from behind Caruso. Immediately after, a dim yellow flame lit up all around.

After the flame lit up, Caruso immediately saw a white-bearded old man wearing a white magic robe.

This person was like the grand mage in the “Lord of the Rings” when it came to power level. The first impression that he gave people was that he was kind.

But in the next second, Caruso’s pupils suddenly shrank!

He saw.

Under the old man’s feet.

To be precise, the entire cave was filled with skeletons.

Furthermore, the old man in front of him did not have legs. His lower body was covered in smoke and dust.

He was like a ghost in a TV series. If one were to look at him at such a close distance, one’s vision would explode!

How could Caruso not be surprised when he saw this!

“I told you, you will be afraid after lighting the lamp!” The old man smiled when he saw Caruso’s expression.

“I… I… I will be afraid?” Perhaps it was because the old man’s voice gave off an indescribable warmth, but after he finished speaking, Caruso’s fear slowly dissipated. Very quickly, he started to look around.

This place was like a cave. There was a table placed inside. On the table, there was a pile of unknown things. The interior of the cave was filled with strange stones. Occasionally, an indescribable liquid would drip down from above and fall on the ground, not long after, there would be a slight sizzling sound, corroding some ancient skeletons.

“Where is this place? And who are you?” After sizing up the place, Caruso could not help but ask about the identity of this weird old man.

“Who am I? Hmm… I think, my name is Stantumon Bard… This is my home,” the weird old man said as if he was recalling something.



After Bard finished explaining, Caruso frowned and subconsciously started talking to himself.

He did not know that the man in front of him was a dark mage who was being hunted by the entire Temple of Light.

He also did not know that this man had once massacred a city’s people alone.

He also did not know that the bones under his feet were all of a huge background. The lowest among them was a bishop-level clergyman.

As if he was dissatisfied with Caruso’s muttering, Bard pointed at him and corrected him, “Well, to be precise, it’s Stantumon Bard.”

“The quest I received just now was Bard’s Revenge, and the man in front of me is Bard? Could it be that I’m looking for him to accept the quest?”

Caruso did not care about the correction. At this moment, he began to think and analyze on his own.

Long ago, he had triggered such a storyline quest, and this story quest was Bard’s Revenge.

At first, he didn’t know how this mission was going to be carried out but now he saw this person who called himself Bard. Oh no, it was a ghost. He slowly guessed something.

“Mr. Bard, do you have something important to hand over to me?” A few seconds later, Caruso saw that the other party was busy fiddling with the bottles and jars on the table.

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