Chapter 1: Chapter One: Entering the World of Magic for the First Time and Starting the Lottery!

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Chapter One: Entering the World of Magic for the First Time and Starting the Lottery!


“D*MN God! What the hell is this transmigration?”

In New York University, a student called Caruso, who was about to graduate, was being sick in his dorm room.

The reason why he was being sick was very simple.

He had transmigrated!

As a fan of novels and fantasy, he was not afraid of transmigrating. On the contrary, he enjoyed it.

However, when he found out that he was bound to a useless system, he was completely dumbfounded.

When others transmigrated, they would either return to their previous world and become a lord, a superstar in a parallel world, or a protagonist in a fantasy world.

However, when he transmigrated, he transmigrated to a parallel world that was exactly the same as his previous world.

Moreover, the entertainment industry in this world had already reached an extremely high level. There was everything that one would expect there, and even if something could not be found in the industry, there were other ways one could find it.

Therefore, he gave up on the path of borrowing other people’s works.

After losing this help, he finally awakened a system.

His system was called [Super God Login], and up until now, he still didn’t know what this system did.

“System, tell me, what do you know?”

After complaining, Caruso couldn’t help but ask that question.

After a long time, the system slowly opened its mouth.

“If after a year, the Earth is invaded by magical beasts, the world falls into chaos, order and law are destroyed, morality and law are trampled on the ground, and money becomes useless, do you still want the so-called money, the so-called charm?”

Hearing the system’s words, Caruso immediately chose not to believe it and said, “Why did you say that the end is coming?”

But after he finished speaking, the system did not answer him for a few minutes.

Suddenly, he got a bad premonition.

“Uh… Are you sure you’re not fooling me?”

Since he had transmigrated, there was nothing that Caruso would not believe at this moment.

After all, he was his host. The system finally replied, “One year from now, the magical world will descend to earth. After that, all kinds of magical beasts will mercilessly slaughter humans and occupy their territories. Technology is nothing in the eyes of the powerful magical beasts. Only strength is the most important. And my existence is to allow you to login to the game [Magical World OL] in advance.”

“Log in in advance?”

After hearing the system’s serious words, Caruso was no longer in the mood to joke and hurriedly asked.

“What benefits does logging in early have?”

“In the game, everything you gain can be synchronized with reality. Any magic, skills, or items you learn can be brought to reality. Tell me, what benefits do you have?”

In front of the host who only wanted benefits, the system chose to answer in an aloof and cold manner.

At this moment, Caruso began to calm down and think.

If the system did not lie to him.

One year from now, the human cities would be destroyed, and the world would end.

When that happened, money, women, and houses, all the things that people sought would be abandoned.

Only strength! Only powerful strength…

And if he could log in to this so-called [Magical World OL] in advance…

Even if he could only obtain a little thing, it would be countless times better than waiting for a disaster to befall him.

Therefore, at this moment, Caruso finally realized how powerful his system was.

“I want to enter this world!”

After realizing the importance, Caruso immediately opened his mouth.

“Beep, beep… loading World OL World Connector!”

“Beep, beep… loading successful!”

“Host, do you wish to enter the Magic World?”

A few seconds later, following Caruso’s reply, the system immediately built the connector and asked.

“Yes!” Caruso answered directly.

Following his reply, the next second, he felt his vision go black.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a small town.

The environment in the town was very quaint. There were birds chirping on the lush trees, and all kinds of unknown flowers and plants grew luxuriously around the village.

“Ding dong, congratulations player for entering the Magic World OL.”

“Ding dong, as the player is the first player to enter the Magic World Ol, you will be rewarded with three lucky draws.”

As the surrounding environment changed, a voice from the game slowly sounded.

“I… I really entered this so-called magical world”


Caruso subconsciously muttered to himself.

“The host is the first player to enter the game world, so you have received three chances in the draw!”

The system’s voice began to prompt.

Upon hearing the prompt, Caruso immediately asked, “How do I draw the prize?”

The system calmly replied, “You just need to read it!”

“Just read it?”

“I want to draw the prize!”

With the help of the system, Caruso knew how to draw the prize. Once he knew, he immediately began to read it.

Suddenly, a roulette similar to a grand lottery appeared in front of him.

There were different things in each place.

“Holy Radiant Divine Sword!”

“Staff of the Gods!”

“Ancient Elf Potion!”

“Revelation Manual!”

“Holy Land Invitation Letter!”

Looking at one mysterious item after another, Caruso licked his dry lips.

Then, the voice of the game system sounded.

“Do you wish to draw the lottery?”


As he answered, the big wheel suddenly started to spin crazily.

And in the middle, there was a needle. If he guessed correctly, when the big wheel stopped, the needle would stop, then he would receive something.

“Ding dong… Congratulations to the host for obtaining super SSS grade reward [full-time wizard] Class Advancement Book X 1.”

“Ding dong… Congratulations to host for obtaining Super SSS grade reward [Super God talent-mana source] class advancement book X 1.”

“Ding dong… Congratulations to host for obtaining super SSS grade reward [ talent skill-instant release].”

When Caruso silently read out the lottery draw, the big wheel spun three times in a row.

Each time, it stopped on an icon that was similar to a book.

After stopping, he received a series of notifications in his mind.

After learning the item that he had drawn, he did not have time to look carefully when the system’s voice sounded again.

“Ding dong, do you wish to use the -LSB- full-time mage class advancement book?”


After the notification sounded, Caruso did not hesitate and directly agreed.

“Ding Dong, Congratulations to the player for awakening the hidden class-full-time mage!”

After using the reward, Caruso found that his body would flash with a golden light from time to time.

After the golden light flashed, his attributes changed.

Until there was no more golden light.

Facing such a magical situation, Caruso was completely stunned.

The game system did not stop talking because of his stunned state. A few seconds later, the system’s voice sounded again.

“Checking the player’s attributes!”

ID: Caruso

Class: Full-time Mage (Hidden Class)

level: LV1(1/100)

HP: 100

Mana: 100

Strength: 5

Spirit: 5

Defense: 5

Agility: 5

Skills: temporary none

Innate skill: instant cast

Special Talent: Mana Source (after becoming a mage, mana increases tenfold)

Items: temporary none

Money: temporary none

Companions: temporary none

Territory: temporary none

Rank: temporary none

Reputation: temporary none…

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